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PVC/WPC door window profile panel ceiling decking fencing make making machine

Время выпуска:2022-03-29 10:21

PVC Window and door profile production line 

Product Introduction 

The PVC door and window profile production line can choose different specifications of conical twin-screw extruder according to different profile sections and molds, and configure the corresponding vacuum calibration table, hauling off machine, 

cutter, stacker and other auxiliary machine. 

Technical Parameter 

Width of product180mm300mm600mm
Main motor power22kw37kw55kw


Mixer--Feeder--Conical twin screw extruder--Mould--Calibration table--Hauling off machine--Cutting machine--Stacker 

PVC/WPC Ceiling/Wall panel Extrusion Line 

Product Introduction 

WPC/PVC Ceiling/wall panel production line is composed of Conical twin screw extruder, Vacuum Calibration table, tractor, 

cutting machine and stacker. The whole production line basically realizes full automatic, simple and easy to learn, and fast in opration. 

Technical Parameter 

Width of product300mm400-600mm
Main motor power22kw37kw

WPC Profile Extrusion Line 

Raw Materials: 100% recycled PP/PE(30%)+wood powder(65%)+chemical(5%) 

Finally use: WPC decking,WPC wall cladding,bench,pergola etc. 

Machine List: 

WPC profile production line
Project one: Hot Mixer One set
Project two: Pelletizing Machine One set
1. Parallel twin screw extruder 
2. Crusher system 
3. Wind-convey system 
Project three: profile extrusion line One set
1. Conical twin screw extruder 
2. Mould 
3. Calibration table 
4. Cutting Machine 
5. Stacker